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Erica the Internet webcam legend!

Am I really a legend? That's for you to decide! I got that label after I made my online debut over seven years ago and quickly became one of the most downloaded girls online. I didn't even have a site! I'd just browse message boards, post webcam pictures, and chat it up with everybody I could. I genuinely love talking to everybody and making new friends. After getting a million requests over the years, I decided to just take the plunge and compile all of my photos and videos, new and old, onto one site! Join me inside! When I made my online appearance back in 2000, I never expected to become as popular as I did. Before I knew it I had a huge fan base and people asking me left and right to open my own site. Well, I finally did it, and I'm proud to say that I did it right! I just know you'll love what I have to show you inside. I've always been known as a webcam girl, but for the first time ever I bring to you high-resolution photo sets! My site's also packed with tons of quality webcam sets and videos, high-definition videos, and much, much more! Come on in! I've already mentioned it a couple of times, but I'm going to mention it again! My high-definition videos are DVD quality and I know you're going to really enjoy them. It's the first time I've ever really been seen in video, so I figured I should do it right and go HD! They're all easy-to-download so you can save 'em and watch them over and over again! You can see a few sample video frames below. Become a member!